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What experts, educators, parents, grandparents, and children say about little BLUEPRINT:
"little BLUEPRINT'S books employ practical, effective, and scientifically-based approaches to help children with life's challenges and milestones, making them a must-read for children and parents alike."
Dr. Dan Siegel, best-selling author, world-renowned neuropsychiatrist, and professor of psychiatry

"Kids who are undergoing any of life's challenges always do better if they have a means of expressing themselves. It gives them their own level of understanding, and a positive sense of control. little BLUEPRINT books provide just what the doctor (and parent!) ordered: a wonderful, personalized connection to the changes and challenges that come with growing up."
Dr. Nina Shapiro, Director of Pediatricic Ear, Nose, and Throat at the Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and best-selling author

"A book from little BLUEPRINT is a profound method of not only deconstructing hardship and celebration, but also of building coping and leadership skills in our children."
Vanessa Ziff Lasdon, Founder & Executive Director, W.O.R.D. Ink, author, former teacher at Atwater Avenue Elementary & The Curtis School, in-school writing coach, 826 LA Easts's nonprofit youth writing center, Los Angeles, California

"Talking to our kids about safety doesn't have to be scary, and having a plan with the right kind of child-friendly language makes it simple. little BLUEPRINT does the work for you! Using the most proven and effective methods, these books focus on empowering families and their "blueprints" give parents peace of mind. They'll be your "go-to" books for years to come."
Pattie Fitzgerald, Child Safety Advocate & Founder,

"little BLUEPRINT books are simply brilliant. The warm, personalized characters and illustrations allow kids to become part of the story and ultimately their very own plan. These beautifully written, educational and engaging books encourage problem solving, decision making and positive thinking for children at all developmental stages. They are a unique, much-needed resource for families."
Dr. Lori Woodring, Child Psychologist, Greenwich, Connecticut

"little BLUEPRINT books are an innovative way to create successful transitions for a variety of childhood experiences. I highly recommend these evidence-based books to parents as stories can be personalized to best meet the needs of each individual child. Endorsed by the leading professionals in pediatric-related fields, little BLUEPRINT'S methodologies are proven to be effective."
Andree James, Speech-Language Pathologist & Owner, Speech 4 Kids, Santa Monica, California

"Reading To Celebrate the Holidays, I Have a Plan was a highlight for our Second Grade class.  As we study communities, traditions, and inclusivity, Katherine Eskovitz beautifully paralleled our core beliefs in honoring diversity.  Our children unanimously made personal connections from ideas and events in this realistically illustrated book to their own lives. Thank you!"
Sandy Kiratsoulis, Second Grade Teacher, Curtis School, Los Angeles, California

"As a primary educator, little BLUEPRINT books are a tremendous tool. They are written with developmentally appropriate language and text. The personalization allows children to feel connected and at ease with challenging life experiences. The messages conveyed help to teach valuable lessons to all."
Debi Fried First Grade Teacher & Mother of 2, Todd Elementary School, Briarcliff Manor, New York

"As a Human Development teacher, I can attest to the practicality and appropriateness of little BLUEPRINT as a parenting and teaching tool. Each book gives children the needed language that allows them to feel empowered and validated while they learn to take ontheirworld and theirchallenges.As caring adults we often try to help children by spitting out rote and empty phrases such as “Don’t worry! Everything will be fine.” Although we are well-intentioned, scientific studies show that children who learn to embrace, acknowledge and understand their feelings and anxieties develop stronger executive functioning skills, which in turn create more well-balanced and happier adults. Stress is a natural part of life. little BLUEPRINT provides families a safe way to explore, control and cope with that stress, so that they can emotionally thrive in a confusing world."
Dana Gonzalez, Human Development Teacher, Viewpoint School, Calabasas, CA

"As a Kindergarten teacher, I am continually exposed to the many worries that young children experience. Overcoming fears is a great milestone at any age, but facing the unfamiliar can be particularly intimidating to children. little BLUEPRINT has played an instrumental role in calming the nerves of our little ones as they graduate on to First Grade. The photographs truly bring stories to life, and allow students to identify with the storyteller, making the life lesson all the more valuable. Our class book, “When I Finish Kindergarten, I Have Plan” chronicles the transition to Kindergarten through the eyes of a child. The familiar images and simple text allow them to identify with the story first hand. Students take ownership by creating their own personal “plan” of action. I read this story on the last day of school, year after year, and find it to be a lovely, heart-warming way to reflect on a successful year, build confidence, and create anticipation for what’s to come. I highly recommend little BLUEPRINT as a resource to prepare children for any of life’s challenges."
Ashley Williiams Kindergarten Teacher, Curtis School, Los Angeles, California

"The best thing you can do for your kids today is to run and order your own treasury of little BLUEPRINTS!  These books magically convey essential concepts in easily understandable prose for children.  You'll love your kids' expressions when they have that "Aha moment," and they proudly shout, "I have a plan!"  A true "must have" in any young family's arsenal of parenting tools!"
Shirley, mother of 2 (ages 10 and 7), Santa Monica, California 

"Having little BLUEPRINT'S When I Move, I Have a Plan, has been invaluable for my son (and his parents too)! It has been SO empowering for him to hold a book in his hands that has personalized photos and words specific to our relocation. He has read (and re-read) it many times over, providing us a starting point for many a conversation."
Katherine, mother of 1 (age 7), Darien, Connecticut

"Our daughter was three when our son was born, and she had some trouble adjusting to the new arrival. The little BLUEPRINT big sister book made a huge difference. It helped her see herself in a nurturing role, part of the team taking care of her baby brother. Even now, four years later, we still enjoy looking at those pictures that memorialized the start of their beautiful relationship. Thank you, little BLUEPRINT!!"
Michael, father of 2 (ages 7 and 4), Los Angeles, California

"I am so grateful that little BLUEPRINT has created a way to not only guide my young children through the difficult subject of mourning, but also has given me an easy and trusted way for them to explore this very tricky subject matter on their own.  I feel good knowing that our Have a Plan Book has helped them understand the questions that I found hard to answer, and provided them with a source of comfort that they can turn to any time they need it."
Kristina, mother of 3 (ages 9, 6, and 2), Newport Beach, California 

"I was scared to discuss our divorce with my three-year-old, and I was praying this book would help me figure out what to say. I read the book with Travis, and I felt relief because he was fascinated by it and asked questions. I was finally able to talk to him about our situation. He carried the book with him for days. We went and bought a family journal together. It is not only helping my son, but it helped me convey to his Dad how we need to work together on this because the suggestions are helpful for all of us. This is the most important book I have ever read to Travis. Thank you."
Linda, mother of 1 (age 3), Long Island, New York

"My friend was very ill, and she was worried when she died that her young grandchildren would not remember her, even though she was an important part of their lives. I feel so fortunate to have a personalized book for her grandchildren to help honor and remember her. They even have the name they called her as part of the book. Thank you for helping me give such a special gift."
Nan, grandmother of 3 (ages 11, 9, and 7), Westchester, New York

"As a grandmother, I love sharing the holidays with my grandson.  I am so happy I now have a book I can share with him that helps give even more meaning to our special time together and provides memories for the future."
Ruth, grandmother of 1 (age 5), New York, New York

"I love this book about my grandpa because when I feel sad and unhappy because I miss him I read it and it makes me feel way happier and not so down."
Tessa, twin sister (age 8), Greenwich, Connecticut

"This book inspires me. I love the pictures and it give me really happy memories of my grandpa.  This is my plan... to name a stuffed animal Tom!"
Isabella, twin sister (age 8), Greenwich, Connecticut

"I love the holiday book because I used to all I want was presents and now I play with my family and decorate the house and do more stuff than just presents. and also i like the holiday book because it gives you ideas what to do with your family on a holiday."
Connor (age 5), Westchester, New York

"When I try to go to sleep, it's always hard for me to try to get to sleep, but the sleep book tells you how to get to sleep and i think it's really, really good because when I go to sleep now I just close my eyes and imagine something happy. and i like to play the two truths game when i got to bed. I think the sleep book ROCKS."
Adam (age 9), Burlington, Vermont

"I love how you can really make a whole bunch of pictures into a book and some illustrated pictures.  I love how there's some information about the topic and what's going on.  I love how the pictures are so sweet and they're  photographed from a really good view.  It includes togetherness, friendship, excitement and joy and happiness. I love how everything is so sweet and it's a beautiful book."
"I love how the different parts of the school are in one book.  And I love how the kids are together and separate and how the pictures are funny to look back at and sweet to remember.  I love when you can see what's going on and what's happening and what it was like a while ago.  You can always remember the photographed moments.  It makes it more real and special."
Zoe (age 7), Santa Monica, California

"When my little sister was born this book helped me feel special as a big sister. It makes me proud to read it and share it with my friends. I'm important to my sister!"
Sasha (age 8), Westchester, New York