Blueprint Your Book !

For what ages are Have a Plan Books
Our books are for all ages and stages, because we all need little BLUEPRINTS in our lives to thrive.  Have a Plan Books are useful for toddlers through teens, and adults find them interesting too!  For the youngest children, parents read our books to teach kids how to face a new milestone or challenge in a healthy way.  Children understand the subject matter in new and more complex ways each year, and for some subjects, fun facts are introduced to appeal to older children and adults.  Certain topics are very important for particular stages of life, such as To Keep My Body Safe, I Have a Plan, which is critical for all school-age children.  Each book will specify if there is an age or stage for which the book is most useful, but all books are appropriate for all ages.

What is the Have a Plan autobiographical storytelling approach?
Our plan-based approach is based on brain science and the experience of thousands of educators, therapists, and parents.  At little BLUEPRINT, we believe that instead of giving children plans to help them today, we can teach children to be a part of creating their own plans to help themselves for a lifetime, one small step at a time.  Have a Plan Books empower children through autobiographical storytelling, which connects the left and right sides of the brain, giving children the skills they need to use their reasoning and emotions to thrive through anything they encounter in life.  Dr. Dan Siegel's ground-breaking research on the brain supports and illustrates the benefits of this method of storytelling for children.  For a short clip of Dr. Siegel discussing children, storytelling, and connecting both sides of the brain, please go to: Our autobiographical storytelling incorporates four steps, teaching children to L.E.A.D.: logic, emotions, analysis, decision making.  For more information on our approach, please go to Our Blueprint.

Can I submit a concept for a book, suggestions, or a child's plan?
Yes, please do!  With your help, we can teach each other and improve for you!  We are always learning something new, especially from kids. little BLUEPRINT develops and creates books from within our company based on our research, guidance from our team of experts, and the needs of parents and children.  We love to hear from you!  Before submitting your ideas, blueprints, or other material to us, please make sure you have reviewed and approved our Submissions Policy, under Terms and Conditions, which will apply to any submission(s) you make.  

Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee?
Yes!  We want you to love our books, and we think you will.  Children have been known to carry around our books for days. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will replace it for you or give you a refund.  Please email us at, and we will help you.  Shipping costs are not refundable, but of course, if anything is damaged before arrival, it is on us.
Can I buy your books at retailers?
You can find our ready-made books at retailers too, with locations growing every day! If you are a retailer and would like to sell our books, or you know of a retailer that absolutely must sell our books, hooray!  Please email us at