Everything is easier if you have a plan.

And that goes for kids, too – especially for kids. After all, everything in their young lives is new and strange (some things more than others), and having a plan to fall back on helps keep tantrums and night frights at bay. That’s the idea behind littleBLUEPRINT, a series of books that help kids to have a plan in mind for their challenges. Whether it’s bedtime, the holidays, safety, or divorce – whatever your child needs a plan for, likely there’s a Little Blueprint book that will help them keep things manageable.

The really nice thing about the Little Blueprint books is that they are all completely customizable, which is easily done when you order on the website. First, you choose which blueprint book you want for your child – these are pretty specific, which makes it easy to find just the right plan for your kids. When My Parents Separate or When My Parents Divorce, To Be Safe At Home or To Be Safe On The Go, When I Miss Someone Special or When I Miss <insert name here>, etc. – it all makes it very easy to tailor the book right to your kid’s challenge.

Once you’ve chosen an issue your child needs a plan for, it’s time to make the book truly theirs. For the review, we chose When It’s Time For Bed, I Have a Plan. Bedtime is certainly an issue for a lot of kids, and being able to lay out your intended routine right onto the pages of their own bedtime story is a really innovative idea. To personalize the book, you add your child’s name, of course – but also a lot more. You can easily upload pictures of your child to complement the illustrations in the book, and you can even write out your routine word for word to be featured in the story. Finally, even the hours of sleep recommended in the book are customized to the age of your child. It’s quite simple to do, as the website walks you through each step and gives you a chance to proofread a preview before ordering. The finished book makes for a really nice plan (and keepsake) for your child.


Of course, if you aren’t the type who like to customize (or you want to share a single book among multiple children), you can select one of the pre-made books. They feature the same great story and the same high quality construction as the personalized books at a lower price. Whether you choose to go the personalized route or the pre-made one, the Little Blueprint books are really well made. They have a nicely bound hard cover, and the pages are constructed of a quality thick paper that won’t easily rip when pages are turned. The script is clear and inviting, and the illustrations really draw the eye. These are just plain built to last.

Whatever issues your child might be facing, be it bedtime woes or the pain of loss, having a straightforward plan to deal with it all is a real comfort for kids. The series of Little Blueprint books gives parents and loved ones the chance to give children a book that is truly made just for them and their struggle, and it’s sure to be treasured for years to come.