I am excited to share with you readers today about littleBLUEPRINT, the collection of customizable Have A Plan™ Books for kids. This new children’s book series was created under the advisement of Dr. Dan Siegel, world-renowned neuropsychiatrist, best-selling author and professor of psychiatry. These books help to get important messages across to kids in a way that also helps them make a plan in case of certain situations. In a way these books are tackling tough issues in a way kids can understand.

The idea behind the series is that instead of telling a young child how to handle situations like sleep, safety, and loss, littleBLUEPRINT™ empowers children by teaching them to develop their own plans using their reasoning and emotions to thrive through anything they encounter in life.


Currently there are over 10 customizable (and ready-made) books on various topics ranging from:

    • Sleep


    • Safety


    • Divorce/Separation


    • Holiday


  • Mourning/Death

You can check out a few pages from each book on their website so you can get a real feel for what these books are really about.


I really like that you can personalize them if you want to or buy one that is ready to go. I always like personalization in books because I feel like it makes it extra special for kids and it helps them connect a little more to the book.

Here is another picture of the inside of the Safety Book I received. These are absolutely perfect for preschoolers like my 5 year old daughter. The book is written in an easy to understand manner and nice illustrations are used to help get the point across. The book itself is hardcover and it is printed on nice thick paper.


These are great books to work on communication on important topics with your kids. At the end of each book is a blank space for MY PLAN and has lines for your child to come up with their own plan and you can write it down so that every time you read the book to your child they hear what they came up with and it helps them to remember it. The topics these books cover might not be on the top of your list of fun stuff to talk about but they are important topics that kids need to know about. Now that Big Sis is getting older safety is something that I am currently working with her on. She is extremely outgoing and friendly and I want her to stay safe at the same time. These would make great educational Christmas gifts this holiday season!


You can connect with Little BLUEPRINT on their websitefacebook page and@BlueprintLittle on twitter.

Buy It! 

You can buy the ready-made books for $27.95 and personalized books for $37.95 and the price depends on the book that you choose.