Where are we going? What are we doing? Is it time yet? It’s good to have a plan when it comes to our kids’ never-ending curiosity. For all the answers (or at least the allusion that you have all of the answers) turn to Little Blueprint, a new series of customizable picture books. The hot-topic, easy-to personalize stories combine photography and illustrations to create pop-up pictures that help little ones sort out big feelings.


What’s it all about?  Brain Science 101
Transitions for kids can be tough, be it bedtime or a holiday break and we know as parents that a little empowerment goes a long way to smooth the rough patches. Katherine Eskovitz, the lawyer-turned-mompreneur behind Little Blueprint, did her homework: she consulted developmental experts for the 411 on the prevailing research about how bitty brain matter develops. Eskovitz asked questions that we’ve all asked ourselves: What goes into making a plan? What skills do children need to develop for this complex process?  After she found out what executive functions of the brain are used and how we can help strengthen them, Katherine pared it down to palatable points that the whole family could easily digest. Think of it as a shortcut to how the brain works. Take, for instance, the message on sleep: literally, no snooze and we all lose.little_blueprint_sleep_plan

Into each life, a little plan should fall
Little Blueprint puts your tiny architect at the center of the plan.  Start with a tricky topic:  sleep, safety, separation/divorce, coping with holidays, loss of a loved one – all biggies that we confront at one point or another. Next, choose a character that resembles your child (size, sex and skin tone). Sprinkle in a few fave snapshots and a couple of key facts and figures about yourself or other grownups. You and your kids have the power to decide how much you want to add to make the story your own.  Personalizing the story promotes your kiddo’s recall and comprehension of the plan she or he helped create.


But wait…life happens when we’re making other plans. Sometimes it’s just easier to get a bit of expert insight, which is why we love that all Little Blueprints can be ordered ready-made, too. In place of personal photos, the stories feature colorful, inviting illustrations, accompanied by photographic backgrounds of familiar settings. You’ll get a sure-fire plan to quell real anxieties and build big-kid confidence, whatever the confusing circumstance. Little Blueprint also makes a great gift for first-time parents looking for timely tips!

The easy-to-follow 26-page books are available exclusively through the Little Blueprint website, with ready-made titles beginning at $24.95 and personalized versions for $34.95. In the works are new topics on  nutrition and cyber-safety as well as expansion to popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Scholastic.

Online: littlepblueprint.comlittle_blueprint_holidays

What are some of the anxieties and challenges your kids have faced and as a parent, tell us how you dealt with them in the comments section below. 

– Kim Orchen Cooper

Photos courtesy of Little Blueprint website and Facebook page