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little BLUEPRINT currently is not offering customized books, however, Ready-Made versions of all our books are still available through Amazon, just click our links!
The first-ever children's series grounded in brain science, empowering kids to thrive through life's challenges and celebrations . . .
Just one little BLUEPRINT can change a child's life.
Each Have a Plan Book™ is:
 teaching plan-based skills that boost brainpower 
 providing a "script" for parents through storytelling
 autobiographical, with a page for MY PLAN
 scientifically-based and expert-endorsed
 available FAST
 for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens
Give your child the lifelong gift of confidence, security, and resilience.
  Blueprint it!  
Why does every child need a little BLUEPRINT?
Watch to find out! 
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 Read what experts, educators, parents, grandparents, and children are saying about little BLUEPRINT!
"little BLUEPRINT'S books employ practical, effective, and scientifically-based approaches to help children with life's challenges and milestones, making them a must-read for children and parents alike."
Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., New York Times best-selling author 
The Whole-Brain Child, Parenting from the Inside Out & Brainstorm
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