We all need our own little BLUEPRINTS, or plans, in life. Sometimes making a plan is fun. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes the plan doesn’t work, so we make a new one. And sometimes, the plan is exactly what we need, just when we need it. Instead of handing a child a plan for today, little BLUEPRINT empowers children by teaching them the skills to develop their own plans for a lifetime, one small step at a time.

Have a Plan Books use brain science to enhance the emotional and intellectual skills of children by helping them make sense of, and feel some control over, their experiences. Through the process of developing (and then, if necessary, adjusting) plans, children simultaneously integrate key systems of the brain by applying logic and emotions to analyze and make decisions about a new situation. Empowering children to process situations proactively, through planning, strengthens executive function, which includes the cognitive process required to plan. Executive function skills are perhaps the best predictor of a child’s success in school and in life.

Practicing executive function skills early and often with children will not only help children thrive, it will create leaders for tomorrow. Our books, while entertaining by starring children as the hero of their own story, challenge children to take ownership of the events in their lives and take action to make meaningful decisions that positively impact the lives of others. We feel strongly that we should not underestimate children’s ability to be part of the “solution” when they understand the “problem.”

This plan-based parenting approach, which makes accessible various tools professionals, including teachers and therapists, use in their practice, is simple but profound. By deconstructing everything from celebration to hardship, we bring you an easy but powerful 4-step approach to help children. Teach children to L.E.A.D. and they will thrive:

Logic: learn facts about a new situation
Emotions: explore how children and others feel
Analysis: analyze ways to approach the situation
Decision-making: develop a plan

Another major benefit to this method in our Have a Plan Books is the added layer of brain-based and expert-endorsed strategies children learn with each new book as part of the planning process. By introducing new suggestions as part of our plans, children learn lifelong coping skills grounded in brain development, e.g., journaling, and practical skills formulated by experts, e.g. safety rules, boosting their confidence, security, and resilience.

We all learn through stories, and Have a Plan Books provide the ultimate storytelling for children, allowing them to process events and challenges through their own perspectives of the world. This autobiographical storytelling connects the left and right sides of the brain, giving children the skills they need to use their reasoning and emotions to thrive through anything they encounter in life. Dr. Dan Siegel’s ground-breaking work on the brain supports and illustrates the benefits of this method of storytelling for children.

Have a Plan Books not only help to develop children’s minds, but they are designed to facilitate communication with children. You will have an expert-endorsed “script” through the story itself, which will prompt questions, and together you can create a plan to help a child thrive. Our children’s plans may grow and change each time they read their book, and that’s great! As life happens, we learn and adjust our plans. But having a little BLUEPRINT is always helpful, in good and difficult times alike. “If you fail to plan,” in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “you are planning to fail.”

Have a Plan Books are beautifully designed and illustrated, easily customized with many personalization options, and available for speedy delivery. Just days after ordering, you will receive this meaningful, hardcover book that can change a child’s life.

Empower children to train their brains, today.
Go ahead . . . Blueprint It!