• Be patient.
• Play more sports.
• Keep my hair unknotty.
• Get along with my brothers and sisters better.
• Try to control my anger.
• Watch TV less often.
• Stand up for others.
• Be more healthy.
• Do not litter.
• Be more polite.
• Make more friends.
• Take a risk.
• Don’t be afraid.
• Clean up.
• Be nice to bullies.
• Tell the truth.
• Hang out with everyone, not just your best friend.
• Feel free to ask for what you want.
• Don’t always ask someone in your class, try to do it yourself.
• Don’t be exclusive.
• Be reasonable.
• Be helpful.
• Be challenged.

I resolve to post this list, and to learn something every day from children. Wishing all a productive and happy 2014!

(c) 2013, www.littleblueprint.com, illustration by Jessica Churchill

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